Bail Bonding: An Immediate Answer to Your Problems

Bail is a common term, but there are still many people who are unsure of what it actually is. Every citizen of any state should know what bail is and how it helps arrested individuals. Since arrested individuals must be treated as innocent until they are proven guilty in the court of law, they still enjoy certain rights. Bail is one of those rights.

When a person is arrested and booked in jail for an extended period of time, he or she must wait for their trial. In some cases, it may even take several days or months. This is where the bail process is beneficial. The bail process allows the defendant to pay a set amount of money to gain temporary release from jail. Although they are not completely free, this will still allow them to go on with their normal life while they are awaiting their trial. However, the bail process is only possible if the defendant promises to show up in all of the scheduled court trials and proceedings. This is the condition for the release of the suspect. If the suspect fails to appear in court, he or she will be arrested and the amount paid will not be refunded.

The bail amount is set by a court judge depending on certain factors. The bail amount may be several hundred dollars for a minor crime like misdemeanor but it can also go up to a thousand if the crime is serious or if the suspect poses danger to society. If the suspect us unable to pay the bail amount, he or she can look for a bail bonds agency to help them post bail on their behalf. The bail bonds company has a bail bonds agent who can talk with the suspect and who will pay in check the bail amount set by the court. However, the agent will require a premium of about 10% of the total bail amount from the suspect. In some cases, the agent will also ask for some kind of collateral to ensure that the suspect will not skip bail.

The bail bonds can help the defendant get out of jail despite the financial inability to pay for the whole bail amount. However, the defendant must still make sure to attend all of the scheduled court trials since the bail bonds agency can hire a bounty hunter to look for them in case they skip bail.

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